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We are a small and personal initiative designed to make acquiring dual citizenship easy and enjoyable for you. 

If Italian heritage is a part of your family history, you may be eligible to regain Italian citizenship by descent. “Jure Sanguinis” (Latin for “Right of Blood”) is the invitation that Italy gives to millions of people abroad to reclaim their ancestral right.

Unlike many other countries, the qualifications are simply and solely your bloodline. Knowing the language, living in the country, passing an exam—NONE of these are necessary! Re-acquiring citizenship could benefit your family now and for many generations to come. And with Italy currently being a part of the European Union, the opportunities are endless. From simple visits, to the open door of permanent residence, purchasing property, and receiving healthcare, it’s a no brainer! 

Our team has navigated the roads of citizenship and discovered the pitfalls and delays associated with the application process so you don’t have to. Consider us as your personal coaches and international emissaries as we navigate you towards the Italian Dual Citizenship finish line. Send us an email today and ask as many questions as you’d like. Let’s GO!


Opportunities as a Dual Citizen are endless


Explore all of Italy as a recognized citizen. Envelope yourself in the culture, people, food, and experiences that set Italy apart as one of the most beautiful countries on earth.


Restore the beauties of your ancestral heritage and relink to the great memories of the past. Unlock the path for the generations after you to be born as dual citizens!


Opening up countless doors of residency, financial investment, and international recognition brings great benefit and stability in any international fluctuation. Be a citizen of two different continents!

European Union

Becoming a citizen of Italy makes you a citizen of the entire EU! This means that you’ll be able to travel, live, work, and explore all 27 countries in the European Union without a visa!

Our Process


Determine Eligibility

Through a free 15-minute phone call or video chat, we’ll be able to determine if your Italian family line makes you eligible for the journey. This is specified through the timing of immigrations, naturalization dates, and paternal/maternal line.


Ancestral Mapping

Teaming up together, we’ll use what you have and what we’ve unearthed to create a clear and internationally detailed family tree. From here we can procure all necessary documentation and make contact with Italian officials.


Document Procurement and Consulate Training

Through the experience of our team, we’ll start the process of identifying, locating, and acquiring all consulate required proof of eligibility-both domestic and abroad. You’ll be given all the training and tools needed to prepare for the interactions with consulate officials and agency workers.


Use that new passport!

The only thing left is to use your newfound citizenship in all of the ways you now can! Our team can finish the process for your spouses and loved ones to enjoy the same freedoms, even if they don’t have Italian heritage!

Adventure is ready for you, what are you waiting for?

Bobby has been instrumental in assisting us obtain Italian Citizenship for my husband. Quick to respond when we have questions, and take action when needed, Bobby has made the process smooth thus far. I Can’t imagine embarking on this journey on our own.

— Cynthia

Bobby’s personal journey to securing his Italian citizenship has given him a passion for serving those who wish to fulfill their citizen quest. Due to his experience, he can now help other’s time and effort can be cut in half. If you get a chance to hear the story of Bobby finding his Grandfather’s lineage, village, bedroom in a small spot in the northern mountains and spending time there to meet those generations you should! It’s priceless! I highly recommend at least making the appointment and starting the conversation with him to see if he can assist in a dream of yours coming true.

— Robert

“If you are considering obtaining Italian Citizenship, Bobby will be there to navigate through this challenging process.”

— Sam

“I’ve known Bobby for over a decade and he is a person of great integrity and excellence. This, along with his adventurous spirit, make him the perfect person to walk you through the dual citizenship process.”

— Jessica

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